Welcome to FoResMit project

Welcome to FoResMit project

Project LIFE14 CCM/IT/905 "Recovery of degraded coniferous Forests for environmental sustainability Restoration and climate change Mitigation" LIFE PROGRAMME

About the project FoResMit


The European Project LIFE14 CCM/IT/000905 “FoResMit” : “Recovery of degraded coniferous Forests for environmental sustainability Restoration and climate change Mitigation”

The general objective of the project is to define the guidelines of good silvicultural practices for the
restoration of peri-urban degraded coniferous forests in Italy and Greece with native broadleaved
species, improving the ecological stability and climate change mitigation potential of these
ecosystems. The project aims at testing and verifying in the field the effectiveness of management
options for the conversion of degraded coniferous forests in meeting climate change mitigation
objectives. The project will provide data on vegetation structure, biomass increment, C accumulation in
all relevant pools of vegetation and soil, and CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, thus giving a
complete picture of mitigation potential of management practices.

Project Objectives

Actions and means