Actions and means

To fulfill its objectives, the project will be arranged into the following actions: a) actions related to the
preparation of the project, site classification and characterization; c) implementation actions; d) actions
dealing with the monitoring of the impact of the concrete actions, e) communication and dissemination
actions and f) project management and monitoring of project progress actions..
a) Preparatory actions will classify and characterize the two sites in Italy and Greece from a
vegetation, climatic and pedological point of view. Target species/ecosystem types and test areas have
been already identified. The preparatory action will be primarily used to validate the selection of the
test areas, depending on vegetation and soil characterization. The methodological details of the
Actions will be set out (e.g. sampling protocols) to ensure soundness to the aims of the project and
comparability of results between the two sites.
c) Implementation actions will be devoted to the application of silvicultural treatments for the forest
restoration and productivity increase. Different treatments will be compared to demonstrate that
innovative thinning has the best performance: 1) conventional thinning; 2) innovative selective
thinning; 3) control plot without treatments. Harvested material will be converted into electrical/heat
energy as substitute of fossil fuels.
d) Monitoring actions will measure all C and N pools in above and belowground biomass, litter, dead
wood and soil (IPCC 2003) and their temporal variations. Net primary productivity and C accumulation
in soil after thinning treatments will be assessed. Greenhouse gas fluxes from soil and dead-wood
material will be quantified. C sequestration potential and global warming potential in the short and
medium-term will be estimated. Performance indicators will be monitored and measured.
e) Communication and dissemination actions, through organization and participation at events and
production of different dissemination material, will give the possibility to divulge the project activities
and results to general public and to specific environmental and silvicultural institutions and managers.
f) Project management and monitoring of project progress actions will last for all the project
lifetime and aims at harmonically developing the project activities among partners and following the
quality assurance of outcomes and project results presentation to target groups.