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The main expected results of the project will be the following: 1. Demonstration of the three mitigation options of i) reduction/prevention of emissions, ii) sequestration – enhancing uptake of C and iii) substitution of fossil fuels for energy production with biological products. Specifc performance indicators will be quantified and reported. In detail the innovative thinning treatment will result in: - increased net primary production of forest ecosystem, due to the removal of non-growing...

Actions and means

To fulfill its objectives, the project will be arranged into the following actions: a) actions related to the preparation of the project, site classification and characterization; c) implementation actions; d) actions dealing with the monitoring of the impact of the concrete actions, e) communication and dissemination actions and f) project management and monitoring of project progress actions.. a) Preparatory actions will classify and characterize the two sites in Italy and Greece from a v...

Project Objectives

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The general objective of the proposal is to define the guidelines of good silvicultural practices for the restoration of peri-urban degraded coniferous forests in Italy and Greece with native broadleaved species, improving the ecological stability and climate change mitigation potential of these ecosystems. The project aims at testing and verifying in the field the effectiveness of management options for the conversion of degraded coniferous forests in meeting climate change mitigation obje...