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Life Foresmit at Florence-Symposium

September 28, 2016

In the forthcoming symposium, focus is given on the eminent role of soil organic carbon in the fertility maintenance of forest ecosystems. In fact, it is still of paramount importance to further unravel the complex carbon dynamics in forest soil ecosystems (C sink and source) by means of multidisciplinary approaches, so as to gain in-depth insights into the global C-cycle within the context of climate change. The participation of leading scientists presenting current projects, at national and European level, provides a promising platform to i) strengthen our knowledge on the mechanisms beyond the C cycling in European forest soils; ii) set up an interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary consortium among the participants aiming at new collaborations; iii) to screen the “project-call-calendar” for best fitting regional, national, European calls and perform an initial brain-storming on concrete project-proposals, aiming at sensitizing national and European Institutions on this topic of global ecological relevance and thus, of paramount importance.



September 28, 2016