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  • In 25 October 2016 Xanthi Forest Directorate participated in a one day environmental action that was organized by our service in collaboration with the elementary school of Gorgona in the mountain area of Xanthi Region.
    At that event two members of our work group (Pantelis Theodoridis – Forester and Maria Triadafillidou – Forester) informed the students and teachers about the services and the benefits of the forests and especially about the Life ForesMit program and its activities and objectives. That action had major importance because the children and their families are residents of the mountainous region surrounded by forests.
    In additional, promotional materials, such as brochures, notebooks, pencils shared out to the present students and teachers.



  • At Sunday, April 24 started the Easter children’s football tournament FC Skoda Xanthi AO 2016 , which takes place in a sports center Pigadia Xanthi. One of the teams that participated in tournament is Hephaestus Tziolas from Thessaloniki. Our workgroup gave the children’s team t-shirts with the logo of the ForesMit program for their games, usb flashes with the program logo and informed them, their couches and parents about the program.

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  • International Day of Forests is held annually on 21 March as a mans of focusing attention on the importance of the forests ecosystmems. To mark the Day, a joint event took place on Monday, 21 March 2016 at the central square of Xanthi town. Particularly, the staff of Xanthi Forest Directorate handed out plants at the citizens of the town. In additional, a short presentation of the program LIFE FoResMit (LIFE14 CCM/IT/000905) took place, informing the citizens for the project objectives. Finally, promotional prospectus, such as brochures and bags shared out to the passers by the central square.

21 march 2016 [430273]

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