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The project is in line with the objectives foreseen for this period. Monitoring actions are running as expected, following the protocols defined in the initial phase. The five carbon pools (above and below-ground biomass, litter soil and deadwood) (action D1) and the GHG emissions (action D2) are continuously monitored on 18 sub-plots for each site. Action D3 is running to manage the carbon credits generated by the project and key stakeholders’ identification were identified in order to involve them in the future activities of the governance of the project.
A large effort has been put on dissemination actions: 17 technical and scientific papers have been published (Action E5), partners participated to 6 events (Actions E6, E8, E10) and diffusion to institution and policy makers was implemented (Action E9). We also applied to transfer and replicate the project approach in other areas.

Deliverables and Reports

FoResMit Progress Report – 36 months

FoResMit_Mid-Term Report

Deliverable Action A1

Deliverable Action C1

Deliverable Action C2

Deliverable Action D1

Deliverable Action D2

Deliverable Action D3

Deliverable Action E4

Deliverable Action E6

Deliverable Action E9 – Mid term

Annex Dissemination Action E9 – Progress report 36 months

Deliverable Action E10 – Mid Term

Annex Dissemination Action E10 – Progress report 36 months

Deliverable Action E12

Deliverable Action F2 – Mid term

Deliverable Action F2 – Progress report 36 months


Analysis of microbial diversity and green-house gases production of pine decaying logs

Annual GHG emissions from forest soil of peri-urban conifer forests

Applying quantitative structure models to plot-based terrestrial laser

Come diradare i rimboschimenti per migliorarne la salute – Il Progetto LIFE Foresmit

Deadwood volume assessment in Calabrian pine

Direct and indirect assessment of carbon stock in deadwood: comparison in Calabrian pine (Pinus brutia Ten. subsp. brutia) forests in Italy. Forest Science – in press

Effects of different thinning systems on the economic

Exploring visitors’ perceptions of silvicultural treatments to increase the attractiveness of peri-urban forests A case study in Tuscany

Forest management practices to increase multiple ecosystem services in

IUFRO-LE_Book of abstracts-Halle_2017

Microbial communities and activities of forest floor fractions in degraded pine forests after thinning treatments

Microbial communities and activities of

Percezione sociale delle gestione forestale: il caso della foresta peri-urbana di Monte Morello in provincia di Firenze – published version

Percezione sociale delle gestione forestale il caso della foresta peri-urbana di Monte Morello in provincia di Firenze – manuscript version

Poster SISS Bartoli

Poster SISS Magazzini (2)

Poster SISS Mazza

Relationship between humus profiles and C cycling, first results from a Mediterranean pine forest

Short-term effects of forest thinning on soil CO2, N2O and CH4 fluxes in Mediterranean peri-urban ecosystems. Science of the total environment -under revision

Single-entry volume table for Pinus brutia in a planted peri-urban forest

SISS_2017 Premio miglior poster (Bartoli et al)

SISS_2017 Premio miglior poster (Magazzini et al)

SISS-2017 Ilo suolo a servizio degli ecosistemi



Technical update 2017/2018
















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dav dav


Walter Vieri – “Studio dendrocronologico e analisi delle relazioni clima-accrescimento nella foresta periurbana di Monte Morello (FI)

Press releases (Action C2)

Shw228-Foresmit_rev-1 Shw228-Foresmit_rev-2 Shw228-Foresmit_rev-3

  • Xanthi Forest Directorate according to the Action C2 “THINNING INTERVENTION“ of the European Project LIFE14 CCM/IT/000905 “FoResMit”, designed and developed a dynamic website ( and a phone application, through a public tender, for viewing and getting information about the management data of the public forest “Gerakas – Xanthi – Kimmeria” study.  Here the press release is available
  • Life FoResMit on the Corriere Fiorentino newspaper



Life Foresmit at the Landscape Ecology Conference 2017, 24-29 September (Halle)

IUFRO-LE_Book of abstracts


BRIGHT_testo libretto_

REV5 lagomarsino-foresmit-notte-ricercatori

SISS annual meetings

  • Siss 2017

Poster SISS Bartoli

Poster SISS Magazzini (2)

Poster SISS Mazza

programma SISS_2017


  • Siss 2015


3rd Annual Meeting Soil Biological Communities and Aboveground Resilience, Rome 17-19 november


Monitoring meeting 13 April 2016 at CREA in Florence

FORESMIT monitoring meeting
FORESMIT monitoring meeting